Representative Profile

Director of Micro Cutting R&D, Kiyokazu Saito

・President, Iriso Seimitsu Co., Ltd.
・Chief Researcher/ Director, Micro Cutting R and D, Inc.

Short Biography

2010Became senior researcher of “Micro Parts Handling System Development”, for delivering and assembling of fine workpieces.
May 2009Became Chief Researcher at Micro-Machining Study Group
April 2009Established “TEAM IRUMA”, a solution provider group
July 2006Established Kiwami Kobo (predecessor company of Micro Cutting R&D Inc.), and became President
May 2002Became President at Iriso Seimitsu Co., Ltd.

TV Appearances

Nov 2017TV Tokyo “Takeshi no Nippon-no-Mikata”, Iriso Seimitsu introduced
Oct 2017TV TBS “Wazabito” Dice created by Iriso Seimitsu introduced
Sept 2016Videograph of Audi “AUDI Innovator 78: Kiyokazu Saito changes micro-world of metal machining”
April 2016TV Tokyo “Tokoro-san-no-Gakko-deha-Oshietekurenai, Sonna Tokoro!” Smallest dice developed by Iriso Seimitsu and Kiwami Kobo sold for 200,000 yen introduced
Oct 2014TV Asahi “Darega Kotennen, Konamon” Smallest dice in the world sold for 200,000 yen introduced
April 2013TV Tokyo “Gaia-no-Yoake” introduces Iriso Seimitsu as one of small-medium sized companies surviving the times
April 2011 TV TBS “Yume-no-Tobira #2” Iriso’s collaboration of developing Gold Tetsujin introduced
Feb 2010Nihon TV “Jinsei-ga-Kawaru-Fukaii-Hanashi” Perfect dice introduced
Nov 2009TV Saitama “Saitama Business Watch” Iriso Seimitsu and Craftsmanship in Ultrafine Manufacturing”

Small-and-Medium sized Business Management

Mar 2011“Making Impossible Possible at Manufacturing Sites” book in Japanese by Akiya Kuwahara, PHP Library (Link to Amazon site
July 2010“Creating Companies That Withstands Disadvantages” book in Japanese by Yasuzo Kodama, PHP Lab (Link to Amazon site
Iriso Seimitsu was one of six unique companies introduced, enjoying challenges, developing new products and inspiring others.
Dec 2010WEDGE December edition
Special Issue “How to Save Small Companies in Grace of Repayment Period – Small Factory Owners Did This!”
Team Iruma was introduced as fine example.
Oct 2009Town Revitalizing Radio (78.3 RED WAVE)“Time has come for manufacturing industries! Here comes inspiring manufacturers!” (Link to youtube, in Japanese

Research Activities

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