Micro Cutting R&D

Micro Cutting R&D‘s mission is to develop and disseminate new techniques and skills in the sub-millimeter class micro-machining to industries in the world.
Through research and development on technology that could bring innovation to sub-millimeter class micro-machining, we propose and provide a series of products that serve as practical solutions (ex. Development of iMC Series) as well as consulting and training services.
(Micro Cutting R&D, Inc. is a brother company of iriso Seimitsu Co., Ltd., specializing in research and development of micro-machining related technologies and products)

NameMicro Cutting R and D, Inc.
Address4-6-7 Sayamadai, Iruma-shi, Saitama-ken 358-0033, Japan
EstablishedJuly, 2006
RepresentativeKiyokazu Saito
Capital2,200,00 yen
Business■ Research, sample creation, consultation, education, and publishing related to micro-machining
■ Development and sales of products related to micro-machining

Phone: +81-4-2934-4650, Fax: +81-4-2934-4630
Email : info@bisai-cutting.com
Address: 4-6-7 Sayamadai, Iruma-shi, Saitama-ken 358-0033, Japan

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Chief Researcher/ Director: Kiyokazu Saito

As president of Iriso Seimitsu Co., Ltd., he has introduced machining centers at an early stage, developing “MC Network System” a data-driven precision manufacturing system.
He has since been searching and finding new ways of micro-machining fine metals.
At Micro Cutting R&D, machine engineering, physical properties, manufacturing technologies, 3D data, IT and other related technologies are comprehensively used to develop tools for factory sites.
Won 2005 Nikkei “Monozukuri” Award, in recognition of craftsmanship and technology-related excellence
Won 3rd Prize at MACHINING EXPERT Five-Axis Process Contest in Hannover, Germany
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Research Collaborations

・DMG MORI Co., LTD ー Technical collaborations and next-generation machining center development https://www.dmgmori.co.jp/en/top2/
・NS TOOLS Co., Ltd. ー Technical collaborations and micro cutting-tool development  https://www.ns-tool.com/en/

Fellow subsidiary

・Iriso Seimitsu Co., Ltd. ー An affiliated company of Micro Cutting R&D Inc. http://www.iriso-seimitsu.co.jp/en/home.html
Micro Machining R&D is an affiliated company of Iriso Seimitsu Co., Ltd. specializing in research and development of micro-cutting technologies and related products.