Easy NC Machine-Accuracy Measurement

Sensitive runouts not discovered before can be detected, for higher precision machining.

BLAZE User Example 2

■ Company name: TOUTO KOUKI Co., Ltd..
■ Outline: Metal machining, 30 employees, located in Nishitama-gun, Tokyo, Japan
■ Facility: machining center, NC lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, etc.

■Q. Please tell us about your business arena.

Mr. Nagasaki President: President: We usually create parts 150-200mm in size, there often is a single order.
Process management and speed becomes important, since sometimes clients provide us with material, and tell us to bring the product right away.
Orders for small-diameter machining comes in only several times a year. We thought that was the case, asking companies with 40000 to 50000 rotation speed machines to take care of such detailed machining as 0.1mm hole drilling. At our company,, we are not able to even measure 0.06.

■Q. What was your reaction when you were told 0.06mm hole drilling was possible with your machine?

Mr. Nagasaki, President:1 It was hard to believe that such machining was possible with 10000 to 20000 rotation speed machines.
Mr. Yamamoto, Section Head: I was more worried about the shank diameter, whether or not our holders could handle it. Personally I thought drilling of such hole might be possible, if we went slowly by, for example, 1/1000mm and so on.

■Q. What was your reaction when you first succeeded in drilling a 0.06 hole?

Mr. Nagasaki, President: I was very impressed. We can now list such machining in our company brochures and use it for sales activities.
We deal mainly with semiconductor industries, so the material we use is 90% stainless steel. I cannot wait to try with stainless steel, and to see how deep a hole we can drill.
It will be a delight if we could promote our capability of performing small diameter machining to cope with more demands. Maybe the test sample plate can be used at exhibitions and such as processed sample.
Mr. Yamamoto, Section Head: I felt, oh we did it. (laughter) Up to now, runout of machines were not one of priority conditions for me to consider.
We would check finished product and see that something is wrong. Maybe we can use BLAZE with combined machining as well.

【Comment after Interview, by Kiyokazu Saito, representative of Micro Cutting R&D.】

◆ I was a bit worried with #50 taper, but the machine had rotation speed 12000 and was installed only some 10 years ago, which was good.
◆ As for tool measurement, the personnel were only used to performing automatic measurement using attached kits of related machines, so it took a bit of time. Experienced technicians at the company supported us and everything went smoothly.
◆ It was amazing to find personnel could take out a 0.06mm tool from the case and set it onto the holder, although this was the first time to use such tool. It seems technicians with experience of handling 0.5mm cutting tools will be able to cope with such challenge.
◇ Mr. Nagasaki, President of TOUTO KOUKI was very eager to absorb everything with high challenging spirit, and I was once again reminded of how strong and full of possibilities Japanese manufacturing are. I feel the employees there also sensed the President’s eagerness, and that lead to hole drilling of 0.1mm, and then 0.06mm.

Easy NC Machine-Accuracy Measurement BLAZE