Easy NC Machine-Accuracy Measurement

For precise micro manufacturing, control of minimal shakes of cutting tools deserves utmost attention.

BLAZE Outline

Effective when:

You are looking to challenge precise machining and machining of new materials.
You need to control wearing of small dimension tools and breakage of cutting tools.
You wish to learn knowhow of machining small-diameter tools.

In micro-machining, tool-shake is one serious challenge.

Shake of cutting tools lead to declining of tool life, and cutting precision.

lthough cutting tools are set according to desired values to meet machining conditions, each machine has its own spindle shake characteristics, that would lead to a small margin of error.
When cutting tools with such shake is used, related work and cutting tool tend to be damaged.

In order to cope with such margin of error, there is need to find out the real “shake” of cutting tools used.

The reason for tool runout were thought to be due to the following two factors:
Firstly, there is runout at time of setting the work. Dial gauge can be used to check this.
Secondly, there is runout caused by speed of rotation. This was checked using photos taken of tool rotation.
However, according to our research, we have found out there was yet another kind of runout not possible to be detected using the above two methods.

The “True Runout” is the runout caused due to cutting tool characteristics during machining process. Only experienced craftsmen can detect this sort of runout, and there was no way to find out whether the runout was 50 microns, 20 microns, or any other micron, and so it was overlooked.
This “True Runout” turned out be the obstacle in creating highly precise product samples under stable conditions.

BLAZE Solves:
BLAZE will measure this sensitive “True Runout” of cutting tools.

BLAZE is a sample creation kit for highly precise machining using NC machines.
Drill 3×3 holes in the attached test piece using small diameter cutting tool and verify hole position and hole diameter runout. This way, not only “Setting Runout” and “Rotation Runout” but also “True Runout” can be verified.
Actual sensitive runout of spindles can be detected, so that more ideal micro manufacturing is possible. Wearing and breakage of cutting tools can be minimized, and longer-life of tools can be expected.

Installment and Usage


⚫︎ Machining centers with spindle rotation of 10000r/min or more
⚫︎ Please use low contact pressure (0.3N or less) device at time of measuring tool length.

User Example



BLAZE Outline

1. Set Blaze plate on to the jig, and perform tool length compensation.
2. Drill 0.1mm and 0.06mm holes, and checking such factors as remaining thickness between holes, grasp optimal manufacturing conditions.
3. After rotation speed and other conditions are optimized, use the same plate to cut and create highly precise sample.


BLAZE Specification


■ Jig
■ Jig driver
■ USB (related manufacturing program* and instruction movie included)
* This program is compatible with FANUC-SIEMENS.
■ BLAZE Plate (2 plates, test pieces)
■ Designated Endmill (φ0.1mm/shank diameterΦ4mm)
■ Designated Drill (φ0.06mm/shank diameterΦ4mm)


Catalogue Download (in Japanese)

Catalogue Download (in Japanese)