Spindle Camera in Machine Center

Machine spindles will have “eyes” to record works inside machining centers. No need to take out the work to check. Can be operated the same way as cutting tools.

Effective when:

✔ You wish to check program mistakes, breakage of cutting tools, condition of the work edge, and so on.</
✔ You wish to get a brief idea of how machining is going on without taking out the work during machining process.
✔ You wish to videograph the machining process to share among inmates and to accumulate expertise.
✔ You wish to record the machining process for your clients to verify, for product traceability.

Removal and transfer of work in midst of machining process leads to time loss and manufacturing error.

In order to photograph and record works in process of machining, the works needed to be taken out of machining center every time, to be sent to inspection rooms and related areas.
If no problem was found, works were sent back to the machining center. If problem was found, then inspection was performed. There was no way to check the work in process inside machining center. Taking works out of machining centers for photographing and videographing consumed hours of time, and became a hindrance to effective manufacturing.

AMATERASU will enable remote recording of in-process machining center from the viewpoint of the spindle.

AMATERASU will enable remote checking of machining process. Camera is set on the spindle so that work condition can be checked from the same viewpoint of the cutting tool, and the data can be sent via Wi-Fi.
Spindle axis and camera axis will be the same so that it will be very easy to grasp the work condition.

Remote videographing of machining without taking the work out

Specify desired coordinate value, and the camera moves accordingly to record the place. The work need not be removed, and you will be able to check work conditions inside machining center from anywhere.
Since no one needs to take out the work, it is time and cost effective, as much as runout effective. If the usual way of photographing took 8 hours, this way it will be 2 hours.

Camera operation is just the same as spindle operation

The operation is simple, and there is no need to learn new technique. AMATERASU can be operated using the same NC program as that used for machining centers, and photographing, videographing, and recording will be possible. Download AMATERASU designated app to your tablet, and you will be able to check work conditions just like you are saving photos onto your smart phone.

Continuous recording of in-process machining effective for traceability

In-process checking of work conditions that had not been possible is now made easy, so that if a work is damaged or if breakage occurs, it will be possible to check details of the process itself. New product development and stable mass production will become easier goals. Great leap in manufacturing environment!

Installment and Usage


● 3-axis and 5-axis machining centers can be used
● Please use holders that can accommodate 6φ shaft.


Before use

photographing Instructions

1. Install Camera and Tablet onto the main machine.
2. Set holder onto the main machine. (shaft 6φ)
3. Call empty pod.
4. Install camera onto spindle holder so that red mark on the camera comes in front.
5. Switch on power for CCD camera.
6. Switch on power for tablet, and check Wi-fi connection with camera.
7. Start the app.

Basic Operation

1. Start from minimum magnification (10x) and use magnification dial to focus.
2. Lower it to z-axis and focus.
3. Adjust optical axis (Use adjusting unit so that arbitrary coordinate and cross line match.
4. Start photographing or videographing.

*Do not rotate spindle when installing AMATERASU onto machining center.
*Do not let people without machine center knowledge to use AMATERASU.

AMATERASU Instruction Video

AMATERASU Specification


(1) Rechargeable Digital Camera (200x)
・MC Spindle Mounting Stay (with universal collet), shank diameter: Φ6 mm
・Table Mounting Stay (for 10 inch.)
(2) Designated Case
(3) Tablet (Designated app downloaded)
(4) Warranty

Total length of stay: 180mm when camera is mounted Weight of stay: 0.55g

Main Specification

Camera Specification

Model number 3R-WM401WiFi
Number of pixels approx. 1.3million
WiFi range approx. 5m
Magnification 10 to 200
Power system Rechargeable (lithium-ion polymer battery)
Operating time approx. 3 hrs.
Outer size approx. Φ36×142
Weight approx. 82g
Notes It is NOT waterproof.
*Trial tablet included in the kit is manufactured by ASUS. The model type will vary.
Accessories Main body/ 3 lens covers/ Dedicated stand/ Holder/ mini USB cable/ Easy scale/ AC-USB conversion adapter/ operation manual with warranty

Stay Specification

Weight 0.55kg
Total length 180mm (standard length, will vary according to camera position)
Width 135mm (excluding tablet mounting stay)
Breadth 70mm
X-axis adjustment breadth ±3.2mm
Y-axis adjustment breadth ±3.2mm

Catalogue Download (in Japanese)

Catalogue Download (in Japanese)