System to making the most out of machining centers

Generally, it is believed that micro-machining requires highly costly and delicate operation and management together with a large-scale production system. Micro Cutting R&D challenges this misconception in belief that small town factories, which serve as the core of industrial production, are capable of playing a vital role in the next-generation machining process. Through a firm commitment and support, we are developing series of machines and tools to support micro machining, which can be easily implemented even by town factories.

No need to invest so much on facilities, temperature management, and other related conditions. Answer lies somewhere else. The fastest and simplest road for precise micro manufacturing is to find and cope with bottle-neck factors one by one.

Machining Center Control System

We actualize precision micro-machining in invisible size by measuring and monitoring related conditions and phenomena, such as precision positioning of a material and physical characteristics of a cutting tool, to an extent and level not ordinally palpable, thereby controlling relevant external factors.

Handling Control of Fine Materials

This is a system to handle products manufactured with machining centers.
It provides effective support for macro-level machine control, which is beyond the capability of manual handling.

Double-wrist Robot inside Vertical 3-axis MC

Your 3-axis machining center becomes a fully automated 6-face manufacturing machine. Create jigs to move and fix the work material. 100-micrometer cubes can be put into volume production with the world’s first automatic work shifting robot.

Easy NC Machine-Accuracy Measurement

For precise micro manufacturing, control of minimal shakes of cutting tools deserves utmost attention.

Contact Length Measurement for Small Cutting Tools

It softly touches the cutting tool, and measures the length within 0.003mm precision. Even 0.01mm fie endmills can be calculated safely.

Spindle Camera in Machining Center

Machine spindles will have “eyes” to record works inside machining centers. No need to take out the work to check. Can be operated the same way as cutting tools.

Handling Device for Ultrafine Workpieces
Micro Parts Handling System

This device offers easy assembly of parts difficult to see with human eyes, less than 0.3mm in size. New possibilities ahead for products less than 1mm.


Advice for implementation

We advise you to start the implementation from BLAZE. This helps you to determine precise location of cutting tools.

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