Contact Length Measurement for Small Cutting Tools

It softly touches the cutting tool.
Even 0.01mm fine endmills can be measured safely.

HAGOROMO Instruction Video

Effective when:

✔You do not wish to spend so much time and energy on adjusting tool length of small-diameter tools less than Φ0.1mm.
✔You wish to measure tool length with ±0.003mm precision easily.
✔You wish to measure tool-length of multiple machines with ease, using just one measuring device.

In order to measure small cutting-tools, measurement device that does not use springs became necessary.

Most existing measuring device are applicable for spindles with minimum small diameter of approximately 0.03mm. Smaller cutting tools could not be measured correctly.
Since springs are used to install existing measuring device, small and narrow cutting tools could not bear the strength and sometimes even breaks. Most measuring device marketed used electrical signals and were relatively expensive.

HAGOROMO is world’s first contact measuring device which can be used forΦ0.01mm and smaller cutting tools.

HAGOROMO is the world’s first contact see-saw structured contact measuring device. HAGOROMO’s sensor will softly touch the cutting-tool, so that measurement will be possible without burden on the tool itself. Reliable analog dial is used to measure tool length with ease, and it is light to carry. No electrical signals are used so that there is low risk of breakdown. There is no worry that the tool will break because the springs are not used, and small endmills Φ0.01mm-5mm can be measured.
There is broader manufacturing possibilities ahead of you, since smaller spindles can be used with ease. HAGOROMO will support your micro-machining works.

Installment and Usage


⚫︎ Can be used for 3-axis and 5-axis vertical machining centers
⚫︎ It can be easily set into the machining center.
⚫︎ One HAGOROMO can be used to measure tool length of multiple machining centers.
⚫︎ It is a contact measuring device for small diameter tools Φ0.01~φ4㎜ in length.


Before use

1. Push RESET button and turn dial height adjustment lever so that analog dial terminal lowers and touches the dial supporting surface.
2. When the needle moves, carefully turn the dial so that the needle and “0” matches.

Measuring Instructions

1. Move the front edge of the tool towards sensor surface.
2. When the dial terminal touches the sensor surface, the dial indicator needle moves.
3. After contact, move the Z-axis upwards just the amount of scale touched, so that the needle goes back to “0” again.
4. When Z-axis is moved upward and needle goes back to “0”, then lower it 1μm by 1μm, until the needle starts moving again. Repeat instructions 3 and 4 until the dial points to “0” just before the cutting tool contacts the sensor surface.

HAGOROMO Instruction Video

HAGOROMO Specification

・Measuring Device for Cutting Tools 1.5kg No power necessary

Contact or Non-contact Contact
Measuring method Dial analog measurement
Minimum size of tool measured φ0.01mm
Maximum size of tool measured φ4.0 mm
Dial repetition precision ±0.003 mm
Good for Vertical machining centers
Outer dimensions H120mm x D60mm x W140mm
Weight Approx. 1.5kg
Electrical Power Not necessary

Catalogue Download (in Japanese)

Catalogue Download (in Japanese)